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Love Attraction Lines Keep Him Addicted
Many women admittedly find that they can no longer keep a man’s attention, learn how to attract their love and keep him addicted.

Love Traction Lines 1 Article ~ Does he have the shifty eye syndrome?

Learn about the Weird “Mouse Trap Method” ~ How To Make Him Choose You Over Other Women (Even If They are Prettier)

Bummed Out By The “Shifty Eye Syndrome”? Make Him Love You Hard With This!

Are you stuck with a guy who has the ‘shifty eye syndrome’? Or maybe you are in a relationship with a man whose neck would break to get a peek at anything with legs. Meanwhile you are collecting dust over in the corner, wondering if he will ever see you that way again.

You might not realize it just yet, but when it comes to love, men are actually pretty straight forward.

Heck! I am sure by now you have found that men can be pretty darn predictable, especially when it comes to intimacy. It is this predictability, actually, that I am going to show you how to use and harness today to have him going almost wacko just to get a peek at you, and to be near you.

It might sound impossible right now, but there is only one thing you need to remember when it comes to men and love:

Love Traction Lines ~ Simplify, simplify, simplify.

It is often when a woman tries to make things too complicated, or when she tries too hard that men lose interest or become too confused to know how to react or respond. It is this reality, actually, that has many marriages ending in divorce, and many more middle aged women unable to find a man or even get a date.

At the end of the day, when asked, many men admit that their ideal relationship is one that involves simplicity. No crazy desperation, or intense mind games, or never-ending arguments. Just the basics …. with a little bit of edge to keep things interesting.

So how do you add that fine line of edginess into a relationship, without over-complicating things?

Well, it is simple.

Love Traction Lines ~ You use the Mouse Trap Method.

I bet by now you are sitting here going “huh…. what the heck is that?”, but I am glad you are asking, because this technique is about to completely revolutionize and simplify your love life.

The Mouse Trap method is simple, because it can be applied to any stage of a relationship, and it does one thing, and one thing only: it makes a guy go completely ‘ga-ga’ for you.

I have literally seen guys turning down supermodel type women, just to rush home to a woman who has used this technique on him.

I have even seen extremely dry relationships go from dead, to bursting with intense passion within the span of just a few short weeks, under the same premise.

So to say that this technique will help you, is putting it lightly. It will SAVE you.

So I bet you’re wondering how it works?

Well, when a guy is checking out other women, or when your man loses interest in you, like most women, you probably thrust yourselves toward him, practically begging for attention … right?

Like most women, you likely do not realize when you are doing that either, or to what extent, but I can guarantee you have done this numerous times, if you are dealing with a man who has the Shifty Eye Syndrome.

In cases like these, where a man’s attention is not solely on you, or where he has withdrawn from you emotionally (he has become an emotional ghost), it actually can completely ruin your chances of ever having a man love you like you desire if you push yourself toward him.

Men, simply put, do not want that.

That is the ‘over complication’ I was talking about earlier. A man wants to feel free to make his own choices about how he feels, and when he is feeling how he feels.

Men absolutely HATE it when a woman tries to take control of his emotions and of his attention forcefully, especially if he is already communicated that he wants his distance.

In that moment, he is simply not hungry. Like a little toddler who refuses to eat even just one smaller mouthful, much to a parent’s frustration, a grown men works similarly when it comes to love.

If he does not want it, he is not going to take it.

The key, therefore, is to make him hungry for it. Wait it out, much like you would with a mouse trap and a piece of cheese.

If you try to bring the cheese to the mouse, he will run away.

But if you leave it for him, when he is ready, and hungry enough…. he will come get it.

He will even come get it from dangerous locations, if the hunger is strong enough.

And that, ladies, is the key to the Mouse Trap technique.

Leave the bait, allow him to become hungry for it, and let him take it.

It does not have to be extremely complicated or confusing. It is as simple as that, because men want to be in control and want to be the deciders, especially in a relationship or when attraction is involved.

Their natural instincts make them desire the chase, and the hunt; which men ultimately find rewarding. Remember if you are trying to push or force his attention on you, he will have nothing to chase, because the reality is you are the one chasing him.

It is as ironic as trying to catch a mouse by running around with 100 chunks of cheese and throwing them at the mouse.

So, I bet by now you are wondering how this whole Mouse Trap technique works?

The process is simple.

Here is how the Mouse Trap process works:

Step #1: Wait.

When he becomes an emotional ghost, or withdraws from you (even if you’ve just met recently, or have known him for a long time), WAIT. Do not hurdle your cheese at him, hoping he will come around just because you have got a treat.

Be patient. This quality is actually one of your biggest allies. Especially, when it comes to winning in a relationship, because a man cannot block or run from a patient woman. When a woman does not fight what he is doing, there is nothing for him to force back in retaliation, so he gives in.

This is true especially if you are dealing with a man who has shifty eyes, or who often appears to long for other women whether outwardly or in secret. If you are not forcing yourself, there is nothing for him to fight … there is no reason for him to find now to ignore you.

Step #2: Set up the cheese.

The cheese, obviously, is you. You are the bait. But you are not going to throw yourself at him. You are not going to break into little pieces to try and see if this or that would get his attention. No.

You simplify it. You wait, then you bait.

How do you bait?

That is simple too, and I will talk about that in just a little bit. But for now understand just this one simple thing: your job is to wait for him to become hungry … which he will … if you allow him the opportunity.

Step #3: Let him take a bite-

But make that bite so deliciously tempting that he will want to come back again and again.

This is where you show him what he was missing, which sounds complicated as well. But I promise you it is actually pretty simple. Now that he is told you he is hungry for you, it is actually very easy to tempt him and keep him hooked.

The key, is to use an open loop of attraction to do that.

What is an open loop?

Well it is essentially a never-ending wave of emotional buildup. Wherein a man continuously builds up emotional excitement toward you. Until he feels he can not take it anymore, and explodes that excitement unto you. This loop then repeats again, just like a wave coming back and forth to the shore.

So now you must be wondering how to set up the cheese, and make him take the bait?

Earlier I mentioned that I was going to show you how to bait him, and I bet you are also probably wondering how to open a loop that will keep him hooked.

The ‘how’ is actually very simple. You do it by using secret little love spells.

No, these are not those corny ‘voo-doo’ spells you are probably thinking of; but rather these are carefully crafted hypnotic lines. Follow this link right now to see what I am talking about!

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