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Secret Survey Program Testimonials

Secret Survey program Testimonials

Secret Survey Program Testimonials:

“Overflowing with Positive Energy after Just Two Lessons”

This material is just phenomenal. I have taken this to a whole other level. I will use this kind of thinking in my relationships with people. I am so happy I bought this. I have only had 2 lessons and I am just overflowing with positive energy. Thank You!

— Crystal

“Finally understanding men… after 50 years!”

I’m really enjoying your lessons, and they are right on. I’ve been working on myself and trying to understand men for 50 years. After two marriages (one disastrous) and a couple affairs. And am finally starting to understand it. Your info is clear, down to earth, practical, and sensible.

“Crazy busy… but I always make time to listen to this”

I just wanted to drop you a line. To let you know that even though I’ve been so crazy busy treating my own patients these days that I haven’t taken the opportunity to write you. But I’ve always made time to listen to your videos and interviews. WOW! They have helped me in more ways that I can name. And became so much more than I expected. Especially in my own belief systems in dealing with a very jacked-up love life (sadly)….. But regardless! I’m forwarding an email of the application that I sent [contributing author] Michael Griswold to participate in the upcoming phone sessions. After listening to this interview I was so impressed by your insights. I couldn’t help but want to be a part of it. Take care and God Bless You RICHLY for all you’re doing for us girls out here;)

— Vicky W

“This information needs to be told to EVERY woman in the world”

I love his Secret Survey program! I think this information needs to be told to EVERY woman in the world because the majority of us really have no clue how different men are! I’m an over analyzer, like I’m guessing you guys are, and this has filled in so many gaps that I just couldn’t fill myself! Further, it wasn’t until I started to properly understand men that I could then properly apply dating advice!

— Steph E

“Really, REALLY enjoyed it”

I have really, REALLY enjoyed the Secret Survey. I went away this week with my (amazing) sweetheart. And I had lots of opportunities to talk with him. Especially about things that you mentioned, including the information and insights into sex.

His responses were really interesting. He’s 54 years old (I’m 50). And he said that much of what I mentioned would have been at least somewhat true for him when he was younger. But he said that in the last 5 years (he also went through a harrowing divorce.) His relation to sex has become a LOT more about emotional connection. And slowing down the whole lovemaking process to be fully present and really “listen” through touch. I wonder if he’s unusual? Or that many (even most?) men become more that way as they get older? Anyway, I could not be more thrilled and honored to have such an amazing, smart, generous, loving, communicative man at my side. (He’s also a COMPLETE HUNK… but he says I’m exaggerating, so I’m glad he doesn’t know how hunky he is 🙂

— Ginny

“Thank you for changing my life”

I started your Secret Survey lessons last week, and I can’t thank you enough! You are exactly what I have needed to really understand how men think. I have to admit, the section on “Why Does He Look at Other Women” was a bit tough to swallow. But the outcome really made me feel better, and relax a lot! I loved your confidence lessons. I learned so much about the mistakes I was making in the relationship. I definitely have done my share of “emotional castration.” My hope is that I can use these tools, and make our relationship good again. He fell in love with a very confident woman who spoke her mind. And accepted him for who he was. How did I lose that? You were right on so many aspects, and really opened my eyes! Looking forward to my future lessons with you, and taking what I learned and using everyday…. Thank you again for changing my life, and hopefully saving my relationship 🙂

“Wow you hit the nail on the head”

First I would like to say Wow you hit the nail on the head with this. I for one and I know many are glad you did. I started listening to you and did what you said to do No I really listened. I am starting all over again after 23 years. I thought I was doing everything right. Not so much. I can say this I did do a few things right the first time around just not enough. Now that I am starting again I thought I needed a bit of help. I am glad I did you have been for me an eye opener. I can not wait for the texting part to get to me. I can not wait to try that. I did the first three and with in 15 min. he was on skype waiting for me. Now I don’t want to sound greedy here but I am dating two men at this point which I have never done before and wow. Did not matter who I sent it to seconds did not go by before he answered. Like I said I can not wait for the texting part and I have no idea yet which one yet they are still new to me and I am still new to getting it right. Changing me has been the thing I was never willing to do. I changed the way I react to them,that made the difference. I know I lie but they were never to hurt and I would get so mad when he did,now I know why you all lie makes sense now. I am not so quick to get angry or angry at all.

— Chris

“We’re finally feeling more open with each other sexually”

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your program. I have always struggled with my husband looking at porn and with myself being an over-emotional person which triggered my husband shutting down. There have been a few other factors that have recently changed the direction of our 8 year marriage in a positive way, but your program has had a lot to do with it as well. We’re finally feeling more open with each other sexually and although I will never be 100% ok with him looking at other women because of my deep seeded insecurities, I am learning to deal with it and have figured out my own ways in conjunction with your exact exercises/wording/philosophy to make him want ME more, and since I started your program we’ve had an amazing time together. And we’re even dieting together for the first time and exercising together for the first time ever in the 11 years we’ve been together. Thank you so much for sharing your profound wisdom into the mind of a man. Your advice and teachings are so valuable to me for a lifetime.

“My husband and I are so much happer now”

First of all, a huge thank you, your secret survey program has helped me so much, me and my husband are so much happier now, that i’ve learnt to understand him and don’t judge him for being a guy anymore!! it makes so much sense now! he used to have to lie to me about a lot of things so i wouldn’t get upset, but now he can tell me pretty much anything without me freaking out. he has said that he feels free and accepted now and that he never thought i could change so many of my hangups or that we could have a relationship where he can be so ‘himself’.

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— Heli

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